30-dagers åpent kjøp

Møt Sherina, Anastasia og Benedikte!


My name is Anastasia and I am from the biggest country in Europe - Ukraine. I have been in Oslo for 1 year now, so that`s why I´m now in a period when I have already got used to the place I live, but I´m still missing a lot of my family and friends - and memories of my life in Ukraine.

I am very active person and what makes me the most excited is traveling. I´m very energetic and outgoing ; I was working as a marketing coordinator and organized conferences and expos in different post Soviet Union countries. I love challenges in my life, so getting married and moving to Norway may seem like a big settle down. But in reality, moving to a place with a new language, totally different culture and mentality is actually the biggest challenge in my life! I set a goal for myself to find new possibilities for development, and to prove to myself that I can give something to the society being out of comfort zone and native environment, that Ukraine used to be.

My plan for the future is that I would like to see how marketing works in Nordic countries, how companies develop markets and attract customers. From my side, I would like also to use my knowledge and experience in new and unknown areas. I hope to find a job I like and where I am useful, as well as to contribute into development of Norwegian companies. I am happy I have my husband by my side who helps and supports me, while he is a foreigner as well. 

So far I can say that I am enjoying my new home. They say that Norwegian people are cold and hard to get in touch with, but if I compare it to Ukraine - you will never find many smiling and polite people who talk with strangers in the shops, cafes and just in the streets as in Norway. This country made me love sport and being out on a fresh air as much as possible. The main thing I appreciate about Norway is that you have the freedom to be yourself and will never be judged for that. 

Møt Sherina, Anastasia og Benedikte!
Møt Sherina, Anastasia og Benedikte!


My name is Sherina Rendini, and I am a mix of Italian and Tanzanian. I arrived in Norway in August 2014, and before that I lived in Tanzania for almost 18 years. During those years I lived in the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, and I was a student and an athlete. I lived mostly with my grandparents and aunts. I was constantly surrounded by family, but always told to stay true to myself despite their influences.

I eventually moved to Norway because my mother married a Norwegian man, and I wanted to spend a part of my life with her as well. I moved to what I would describe as a beautiful forest in "the middle of nowhere ", Flateby. I went to school in Lillestrøm where I took the Internation Baccueralate program (IB). Now I am currently a student at BI taking a bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, all in English. My future plans are to take a Siviløkonom master either in NHH or somewhere else in the world, as my dream is to open a company in Tanzania that will not only provide jobs and increase production that contributes to the country´s GDP, but also work alongside with a Norwegian company. I believe a collaboration with Norway will not only optimize the allocation of resources produced in Tanzania but can also make changes in the social welfare such as living standards and workers protection, increasing the development of my country as a whole. Globalization is the future and I want to take the advantage of my cultural heritage and knowledge combined with the education and opportunity I receive in Norway.

Besides my educationals goals, I want to continue to expand my horizon and continue developing into a woman that can be a role model.

Den hjemvendte nordmann: Benedikte St. Pierre 

The Fashion Bandit er fra Narvik, men flyktet  til det store utlands storbyer straks etter videregående, der hun utdannet seg og jobbet som skuespiller. Benedikte er nå tilbakevendt til Norge og bosatt i Oslo - og har fremdeles tilpasningsproblemer i Oslos til sammenlikning små forhold, og mangel på skikkelig gøy gatemote! Men her er jo de unboring veskene til Moo, for unboring people et friskt pust...

Er nå Fashion Creative & Art Director, stylist og modell i konseptet The Fashion Bandits, programleder (vi sier det i presens) og grafisk (mac/web) designer), og har rett og slett verdens morsomste jobb med alle disse yrkene i verdens morsomste kombinasjon.  

Møt Sherina, Anastasia og Benedikte!